Elevate your blockchain enterprise business growth with Blockchain One Accelerator.

Blockchain One Accelerator focuses on enabling developing companies to access mentors, investors and other stakeholders in order to help them to become a self-sustaining entity in the blockchain field.


About Us

Our goal is to establish a platform for enterprise blockchain education and development in both commercial and public spheres. We are focusing on generating real-life use cases for blockchain technology and their implementation, which will add value to all involved parties.

We are also interested in cooperation with the government and legislative institutions in order to enable the use of newly developed technologies in the public sector.

Additionally, we are offering the opportunity to use the Blockchain One Lab, located in Prague, as a physical hub for your day-to-day activities, networking and correspondence. 




Daniel Štefl

Petr Kapoun

Angelika Dudová

Petra Hubáčová

Tomáš Žilavý

Jan Slonka


For Startups

Are you the right ‘Fit’?

Do you have a clearly established business plan and are you capable of delivering results towards it? Are you already in the process of developing your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)? Have you already tested your business plan in the market with measurable results?

If yes, get in touch with us and start your growing journey with Blockchain One Accelerator!




We understand that starting a business or a new venture might bring in many obstacles on its way. That’s where we step in and give you a helping hand. All of our entrepreneurs get access to our group of mentors, which can give you valuable advice for your business growth and share their hands-on experience with blockchain in various fields ranging from validating your business idea, development of blockchain networks, and design thinking all the way to the blockchain-related legislation, pitch preparation and much more.


Denisa Kera

Maria Staszkiewicz

David Enc

Mirek Iwachow

Petra Hubačová


Tomáš Žilavý

Jan Louda

Angelika Dudová

Pavol Dobiáš

Tomáš Studeník





Do you have an interesting project or an idea to pitch? Do not hesitate to send us a message!


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Angelika Dudová


+420 604 376 456


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